5 Top Tips to Keep in Mind When You Plan to Park at the Melbourne Airport Car Parks

Parking at an airport can be quite expensive especially if it is for a week or longer. Other options such as having a friend drive you or taking the bus or train might be more cost effective. If you are traveling with your family, however, driving yourself is just easier. For those of you need to drive yourself, we have some tips for parking at the Melbourne Airport.

Undercover parking. There is a new option for undercover self-parking at the Melbourne Airport. You book your ticket and spot online and when you get to the airport, you just drive into your spot. The shuttle bus picks you up there and takes only 5 minutes to get to the airport.

Online discount. Start looking for online discount parking coupons weeks before you plan to go away. Parking garages make money when they are full, so they often offer discounts to fill up their car parks.

Unplug chargers. Make sure that you do not leave any chargers in the car. There is nothing worse than getting back from your trip and struggle with a dead battery. It is not a good idea to leave any valuables in the car. Chargers and cell phones should be taken with you or put out of sight.

Car keys. Make sure that your car keys are safe and easy to find. If you take them with you, put them in a pocket or bag where you will remember them. Another option is to use valet parking. The valet will keep your keys and just hand them to you when you get back. No fuss.

Book in advance. Parking at the airport can get booked out quite fast. Make sure that you book your spot well in advance. This is the best way to secure a parking spot and keep you from struggling when you get to the airport.

The bottom line is to plan ahead and book ahead. Make sure your budget allows for the parking you want. Once you’ve parked, you can rest assured and enjoy your trip.