Airport Parking

Melbourne Airport Parking


Melbourne Airport is one of the busiest and most popular airports in the world. Ever since its establishment in 1970, the airport is commonly known by the locals as Tullamarine has grown to become among the busiest in Australia. Its four terminals are always busy throughout the year.

It wasn’t until July 2013 that the airport finally joined the big leagues and started averaging 30 million passengers in a calendar year. In fact, it is only second to the Sydney Airport which is the oldest commercial airport globally.

Before its establishment, the people of Melbourne were served by the Essendon Airport. It is currently used for corporate flights, private aircraft, and air medical services.

Airport Parking

For an airport that now averages over 33 million passengers annually, parking is a very big problem. 33 million people are one heck of a crowd to provide ample parking space for. With only 14 miles separating it from the city center, the influx of cars going in and out of the airport premises is virtually unmanageable.

Regardless, the airport has played its part by ensuring that five car parks are available to its customers. At first, there was the ground-level car park. It was later on replaced by the multi-level car park built in the 1990s. Others include a car park for express and business services and one for short-term parking.

Melbourne airport parking space is only enough to serve a certain number of customers. More and more customers are still forced to look for other parking alternatives around the vicinity. Luckily, there are numerous companies that have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Off-Airport Parking

There are a number of companies that have recognized the need for parking space at the Melbourne Airport. They are well aware that the airport does not have enough space to house all the four terminals, a freight apron which also has its own parking space, enough short term airport parking space for all its customers and not forgetting other amenities such as hotels and restaurants. Try visiting United Airport parking – for great cheap rates on undercover parking facilities near the airport at Tullamarine in Melbourne.

Therefore, they have set up their own private parking lots and garages a stone throw away from the airport. The parking lots offer different services from short-term parking, repairs, car detailing to outdoor and undercover parking among others. Take for example Andrew’s Airport Parking.

The first thing that attracts you to this business is it claims that it is the “largest off-airport car park” in the area. However, after a look at its 2,000 car park spaces, it is hard to argue otherwise. The airport doesn’t sleep either do they.

Their services are offered 24/7 ranging from simple car parking to car detailing and repairs. What makes it even better is the fact that they have their own free shuttles to and from all the terminals for their customers.

The same trend can be seen in other companies like Pink Elephant Airport Parking, Melrose Airport Parking, Getaway Airport Parking, and the list goes on. Getaway puts great emphasis on cheap pricing.

They know that there is a lot of competition and the only way to beat them is to ensure that their prices are user-friendly. One thing that stands out is the fact that they also cater for large vehicles such as trucks and buses. They even have parking space for boats. Pink Elephant also offers cheap prices.

This is a perfect manifestation of how the industry has several players and each player has to do their best in order to stay in the market. Whether the prices are high or low, one thing is for certain, parking around the airport is becoming easier and easier with time.

It is easy to see that parking in Melbourne Airport is well-taken care of. With more and more parking companies concentrating on customer satisfaction, it is only a matter of time before the issue of finding a good parking spot is long forgotten.

These companies play a big role in Melbourne airport parking. They have taken it upon themselves to ease the congestion in the city center, the airport and also ensuring that passengers have a safe and peaceful flight to their various destinations.

This has also improved business in the airport area as more and more companies are following suit and starting their own businesses that provide various services.…

5 Basic Safety Tips to Give You Peace of Mind and Keep Your Car Safe in Airport Parking When You Go Away on Business or Vacation

5 Basic Safety Tips to Give You Peace of Mind and Keep Your Car Safe in Airport Parking When You Go Away on Business or Vacation

When you go on a trip away from home, you want to know that your car is safe. Whether it is a one-day business trip or a two-week vacation, you need peace of mind. There are a few basic tips that you can follow to make sure that your car is safe when you return.

1. Check your insurance – Make sure that your insurance is up to date and covers losses or damages when parked at the airport. Inform your insurance company that your car will be left at the airport for some time.

2. Airport parking – Do proper research on the airport parking options that are available. Find out which provider has the best security and rates. You can find reviews and customer comments online. Choose a company that has security cameras and surveillance on all lots all the time. Try to not park your car far away from the busy areas. Don’t hide it away in a corner. That makes it an easy target. Rather park it where there are more traffic and eyes. That will make it more difficult to steal.

3. Remove valuables – Do not leave any valuable items in the car when leaving it in a parking spot. Remove items like laptops, cell phones, chargers, GPSs, jewelry, sunglasses, wallets or money, and clothes. If there are no valuables in the car, there is no temptation for others.

4. Lock the doors – This is fairly straight forward and common sense. Make sure that all the doors and the trunk are locked properly. Test each door to make sure before you leave.

5. Extra security – Install extra security devices like a tracking system, unbreakable glass, or systems that disable steering. These are just an extra measure to prevent your car from being stolen.

These tips should put your mind at ease. It never hurts to meet the guards and know who they are. Give them an incentive to further ensure that your car remains safe.…