On Board Secrets

Confessions by Flight Attendants and Pilots: The On Board Secrets and Tips You Need to Know Before Flying Again

Confessions by Flight Attendants and Pilots: The On Board Secrets and Tips You Need to Know Before Flying Again

We spoke to a few pilots and flight attendants to hear what they have to say about flying. We asked them for tips or secrets that passengers may not know. They confessed quite a few interesting things. Below we let you in on a few of these confessions.

Oxygen masks

When oxygen masks are dropped, there is only about 15 minutes’ worth of oxygen for each passenger. Luckily, 15 minutes is enough for the pilot to drop to an altitude where everyone can breathe normally. If you are traveling with your kids, put your mask on first. It takes a person 15 to 20 seconds to pass out at high altitudes. Kids will not be harmed if they pass out for a few moments. You being unconscious and not being able to help them, is a worse problem.


Don’t drink the water in the lavatories on board. The water tanks are only sanitized at certain maintenance intervals. This means that there are a lot of parasites and bacteria in the water.

Pilot’s power

When the doors of the plane have closed, the pilot has all the power. He or she can arrest people, take last living wills, and write fines to passengers. The pilot’s authority is almost limitless when he is in charge and the plane is in the air.


Airlines take food very seriously. Flight attendants can get fired if they are caught stealing food. No matter that they plan to throw the food away, you cannot take it. The two pilots are served different plates of food and they are not allowed to share. This is a precaution taken to make sure both pilots don’t get food poisoning.


Airlines take great care of pets that fly with them. However, there are certain things that are out of their hands. Your pet needs to be loaded into the cargo bay. This happens under a great amount of noise as they stand there waiting to be loaded. Flight attendants and other staff have to wear ear protection because it is too loud. Imagine what your poor pet must go through standing there without ear protection. Think carefully before deciding to fly your pets.


The lavatories can be unlocked from the outside. Not sure why you would need to, but it is possible There is often a mechanism behind the No Smoking sign that can unlock the doors from the outside.

Make more space

A nice little trick an attendant told us about is that the armrest of the window seat can lift up. There is a small button under the armrest that you can press and it will lift to make more space.

Lock your bags

Once you have left your bags, anyone can get into them. Many people are around and have access to the luggage from where you left it to when you see it again. Get some locks for your bags.

These are only a few secrets we got from the experts. Be sure take these things into consideration when you fly again.