Packing Tips

10 Clever and Valuable Packing Tips to Avoid Disaster, Wrinkles, and Loss of Valuables so You Can Enjoy Your Trip

10 Clever and Valuable Packing Tips to Avoid Disaster, Wrinkles, and Loss of Valuables so You Can Enjoy Your Trip

Packing can be a pain in the behind and we often leave it to the last minute. This actually makes things worse. Our first tip is to plan and start planning and packing a week or so before leaving. Below is a list of our top packing tips. No matter if you are going away for a weekend or a two-week long European vacation. Packing is made easier when following our advice.

Make a list

The first step in planning is to make a list of everything you need to pack. All the essentials and some extras. This way you will know if you need to go and buy something before the packing starts. If you are short something and only realize an hour before you need to leave, things can fall apart quickly.

Packing light colors

To avoid your light-colored clothes getting stains while packed, wrap your shoes and other dirty items in plastic. Turn your light colors inside out.

Packing your suitcase

Folding clothes take up space and can easily wrinkle your clothes. A better option is to roll them. This saves space and reduces the chance of wrinkling. You can even go one step further by vacuum packing your clothes. This makes even more space.

Structured packing

For easy access to different types of items, cube your clothes. This means that you pack certain items in a certain corner or space in your suitcase.

Fill up space

No space can be wasted. Every little space needs to be filled. Roll up underwear and fill up space or stuff some socks in a gap. Use your shoes and other items with open spaces to pack smaller items. Use everything you’ve got.

Keep fresh smelling

To keep your clothes smelling fresh, put a scented drawer liner or a fabric softener sachet in your bag. You can even use potpourri or a scented bar of soap in a plastic bag.

Plastic zip bags

Plastic bags with zips or Ziploc bags are quite handy. Use them for your liquids like shampoo and face products. Also use them for your electronics. Instead of digging through all your luggage to find your camera, etc. put it all in a plastic bag. This way everything is together and you won’t waste time in the luggage checkpoint.


Books can be bulky and heavy to travel with. If you plan on reading a lot, investing in an e-book reader might be a good idea. Yes, we know you like the actual book, but for traveling this is the better option.

Hiding valuables

You should always keep your valuables close to you. A clever way of hiding money and jewelry is to put them in empty suntan lotion bottles or lip balm containers. This is inconspicuous and everyday.

Liquid spills

Avoid liquid spills by adding a piece of cling film between the cap and bottle before screwing it back on. Also, tape any gaps where the cap and bottle meet. This will prevent those disastrous spills we all dread.

There you go. Start planning and happy packing!