Plan Your Flight Ahead of Time: Tips from Airport Insiders and Frequent Flyers to Help You Have a Hassle-Free Airport and Flight Experience

The process of booking flight tickets, knowing where to go, and the flying itself can be scary and confusing.  We hope we can help you with your travel arrangement as well as parking ideas and reviews. A few insiders of the flight world and frequent flyers gave us some planning tips to make the process less frustrating. We hope that this will help you get through flying much easier. If you are a first-time flyer, the process will be strange. Use these tips to help you out.

Direct vs. Nonstop

Nonstop flights mean they fly from point A to point B, your destination. Direct flights can touch down at other airports on the way. This can cause some unwanted delays. Try to always get a nonstop flight rather than a direct flight to make sure you are not unfashionably delayed.

Book the Earliest Flight

As the day progresses at the airport, delays stack up. This means that you can be delayed for many hours. If you book the first flight out to where you are headed, you have a smaller chance of getting caught up in the delays and miss an important meeting or restaurant reservation.

Book Seats ASAP

People with a disability or who need a premium seat in the bulkhead, need to book these ASAP. When phoning the airline, tell the assistant what you need. If you only tell them when you are already there, the seats may not be available anymore. It is always better to book your seats well in advance as it often saves you money.

Exact Name on ID

Make sure that you book your tickets under the name in your ID document. Anyone can ask you to show your ID and if the name does not match the name on the ticket, they may refuse to let you board before doing further investigation. If your nickname is Becky and short for Rebecca, some people may not make the connection. Rather book the ticket under Rebecca and be sure to get through without a problem.

Foreign Country Documentation

Different countries require different documentation to enter. Some require a visa, no matter where you are from. Others require a specific number of blank pages in your passport. If you are traveling with certain items, you may need extra documentation. It would be wise to check all of these requirements before getting to the airport. Visas and new passports need to be applied for weeks or months ahead of your departure date.

Important Documentation

Have a file or diary or some sort of holder for all of your documentation. It is much easier and faster when you can find your travel documents without a hassle. Keep them in one place and on your person. This way you will know where to find it and it will be easy to show when asked.

The important thing to remember is to always ask questions if you are unsure. There are many assistants that can help answer your questions when phoning or when at the airport. Rather be prepared and have your trip well-planned than being caught off guard when you get to the airport. And if ever you need to park your car near the airport, be sure to book ahead and get cheaper airport parking near the terminal – check out the parking rate calculator at